Wednesday, November 28, 2012

for today...for now.

it's early. really early. normally i don't like getting up early at all... but these days, i crave quietness enough to get up when all is cold and dark, just to be alone. i haven't blogged in over a YEAR. but, today i felt like blogging. so here's what i've been thinking about: miracles. and experiencing them. as they happen. cause here's the thing: miracles are happening in our hearts and in our lives. they are! when someone chooses to wrap you up in their arms, and love you...what do you think that is? when your heart feels a surge of joy, and experiences a moment of truth, that leaves you going, "wow. i'm changed, because of this, forever." what do you think that is??? the thing is, the moment...the second...we start to fear something being taken from us, is the second the miracle is no longer experienced. holding on to something with a death grip will bring death. isn't that hard though? to allow yourself to feel something so deep and so wonderful, but make a choice to say that if it is taken from me, it will still have been worth it? my tendency is to keep myself safely removed from the miracle so it won't hurt so bad after it's gone. but that's not experiencing it. no matter what the pain... i WANT and choose to experience life. miracles. be transformed. experience redemption. life is now. today. this second. to live fully is to give in to life and the effects it has on your heart. God is doing big things. huge things. i want to be a part of it. i AM a part of it. and i don't want to make the mistake of spending too much time looking back, or looking ahead, and miss the miracle of today.